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Max Movers Removals & Storage

Max Movers has storage facilities based near Bristol, Somerset, Alicante Spain & Orebro, Sweden. We can store Household items, Business Documents, Stock and any other home or business items. You can store the items your self, we can collect and store eat thing is that we have lots

of storage options available depending on your budget which makes us incredibly flexible, and because we do Local Removals,

Haulage to and from the UK on a daily basis we can offer our expertise in safely transporting your goods to and from storage.

How secure are my goods in storage?

Both our storage depots are secure, modern & covered. They are fully insured licenced property with 24 hour surveillance linked directly to the Police & Guardia Civil.

Do you supply packing materials?

Max Movers are able to supply you with all the packing requirements that you have, from card board boxes, blankets and tape, if you would like some help deciding what you need then we do offer simple packaging packages, set number of boxes and tapes, feel free to contact us and ask and we will be happy to help you.

What size are the storage containers?

Some of our competitor advertise the standard wooden storage container as an 8 cubic metre container. However this is very misleading because the 8m3 refers to the external volume not the true space available to the client's goods (internal volume).

The actual true internal dimensions of the storage box are 7ft high, by 7ft long, by 5ft wide. The cubic capacity of each unit is 250 c/ft or 7.14 c/mtrs.

Can I bring my goods into your store myself?

Yes you can, however you might want to contact us first for a quote as we might be cheaper by the time you have hired the van, fuel, insurance etc and thats without you having to do all the work. Please contact us for a free no obligation quote.

Do you do an Inventory on collection

It is the customers responsibility to have an inventory done of each and every item. We will cross check your list when loading and when we redeliver. We have inventory sheets which we can email you prior to our arrival.

How long can I store my goods?

We have a minimum storage period of 4 weeks which we charge for, you can empty your storage at any time before this we just charge for this minimum period. There is no maximum rental period. You can rent a storage unit for as long as it suits you.

Our rental contracts can be cancelled anytime - however there is a two week's notice period in which to cancel..

What if I need another storage container?

We can simply arrange another upon request.

What is price match?

Any competitor quote should be presented to us in writing or a letter headed email. A verbal quote is not acceptable.

All competitor quotes must be dated within 2 weeks of your move-in date and must be produced prior to move-in.

Any competitor quote must be from a competitor located within 10 kilometers of our depot and offering a similar type of storage service. This means a self storage center  with comparable facilities and security features to our depot.

Quotes from non self storage services such as mobile self storage and our collection/delivery service will not be accepted under our Price Match.

Our Price Match is only available for our pallet storage facility of 15m3 or less and is always subject to the availability of space at of our depot. 

Our Price Match cannot to be used in conjunction with any other promotion or offer.

Any quote offered by Max Movers Storage will be honoured for 2 weeks.

Max Movers Self Storage reserve the right to withdraw this discount at anytime.

The Price Match rate is guaranteed for a maximum of 12 weeks after which the storage rate will revert back to our standard rate.

Please call us on UK +44 (0) 1172 510095 Spain +34 603272805  or email us at for more details.

Access to your goods in storage

Although we don't operate a self-storage facility you can still access your container/pallets providing you give us 48hrs notice. If there are items you wish to retrieve from storage before others, we suggest that you inform our crew on collection and they'll place them at the front of the container or dedicate a whole container to them depending on the quantity. That way you won't have to rummage through your whole consignment for that Christmas tree or your winter clothes. There's a small handling charge of €15 for this service that includes us retrieving the container from the warehouse, placing it in a secure place and assisting the client to find the required items

Business reasons for using self-storage

Self-storage allows you to create space in your work premises. And it prevents your home becoming an overspill for equipment, tools or stock.

Whatever the size of your company, our self-storage can:

  • give you somewhere to store your archives and files

  • provide a safe and accessible place for your tools and equipment

  • give you room for your stock and merchandise

  • take your furniture off your hands during an office move or refurbishment

2020 pallet rates

We also offer our clients an alternative to a container. Our rate per cubic metre (approx. 8 suitcases or 10 golf bags) is 6 Euros + IVA per 4 weeks (Insurance is calculated per €1000 value €0.50 per week.)

Minimum storage period of 4 weeks which we charge for, you can empty your storage at any time before this we just charge for this minimum period. There is no maximum rental period. You can rent space at our storage unit for as long as it suits you like. (discounts for longer stays)

Our rental contracts can be cancelled anytime - there's a two week's notice period - so you don’t have to enter into a long-term contract.

Can I store anything?

Unfortunately there are certain items that cannot be allowed into the warehouse, these include:
Poisonous, flammable or corrosive items such as fuels, paints, varnishes, insecticides, bleach, oils, matches, candles, propane, butane, paint thinners, aerosol cans & cleaning chemicals, Illegal items, Perishable goods that may attract vermin such as food, Furniture that contains woodworm or termites, Firearms or ammunition, Animals, Live plants, Drugs, Jewellery and Original documents such as insurance policies, wills, birth certificates.

How many days notice do you require for re delivery?

We need at least 48 hours notice for 

Do I have to take out Max Movers insurance, or can I use my own insurance??

Yes, as we need to know that your goods are correctly covered whilst in our storage. Not all insurances will cover you whilst your possessions are in a self storage facility so that is why we prefer our customers to be sure they are under our policy.

How much is insurance?

This depends on the full new replacement value of your goods if you had to buy them again today.(Insurance is calculated per €1000 value at  €1.00 per week.) Please contact us UK +44 (0) 1172 510095 Spain +34 603272805  or email us at . Lines are open 7 days a week. 

How much does the storage cost?

Dedicated storage unit: €50 plus IVA per 4 weeks plus total loss insurance, per €1000 value €1.00 per week (All items MUST have insurance cover for the duration of the storage period.

Do you do discount for long term rentals?

Pre-Pay 6 months, get 5% off

If you know you are going to be in storage for six months or longer, why not take advantage of our prepayment discount?  Plus if you move out early, you still get a refund for any unused storage. you’ll just lose the discount itself.

Pre-Pay 12 months, get 10% off

If you know you’re going to be in storage for the next twelve months, we’ll save you an additional 10% off your rent if you pay in advance.  You can still get a full refund if you need to move out of your storage unit sooner, you’ll just lose the discount itself; but if you do stay the full 12 months, the 10% discount is yours to keep.

Calendar Month Billing

We normally offer Calendar Month Billing. Just one payment per month on the SAME date EVERY month! Calendar Month Billing will help you manage your monthly expenditure by not having to allow for 2 payments in some months which can occur with weekly billing.

However, if you would prefer 4 weekly billing then we can do that as well. We will be happy to fit in with your requirements.

Another benefit of using Max Movers Storage.















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